A trace of Nordic equality in Somalia

Fadumo Dayib is the first woman ever to run for presidency of Somalia. Living for some time in Finland gave her many privileges that she wants to extend to women and girls back home in Somalia.

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A trace of Nordic openness in the United States

Volvo patented the first three-point safety belt in 1958 but in the interests of safety, they made the new seat belt design available to other car manufacturers for free. The three-point lap and shoulder seat belt is considered to be one of the most important innovations in automobile safety.

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Car seat belt

A trace of Nordic thinking (and taste) in South America

What to do when offered an opportunity 10,492 kilometres away in Bolivia, to become chef of a new socially conscious restaurant based on the thinking of The Nordic Food Manifesto? Kamilla Seidler accepted the offer, and the restaurant is now ranked as no. 14 in the top-50 list of best restaurants in South America.

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What is Traces of North?


As you can see from our examples above The Nordics is not just a place. It’s a state of mind that reaches far beyond the 8 countries it represents.

By standing together The Nordics reach much further than the individual countries could alone and it is this idea we will activate and amplify with a mutual branding of The Nordics.

So instead of showing our beautiful landscapes and cities to the world, we will show The Nordics in the world. And in Nordic style this is a joint effort.

Therefore, we call on everyone with a Nordic perspective to help us. So please do send us your local traces through the form below.


In 3 simple steps you can share your trace idea and help create a unified brand for the Nordics.

01. Your information

02. Your trace idea

03. Elaboration

If you have more information regarding your trace, please upload here (jpg, jpeg, gif, png, docx, doc, pdf, pptx, ppt, key - max. 6mb)