Basic Elements

We are producing a mutual brand for The Nordics. This is the first trace of the brand that we are launching in beta. This means that we will be extending both the brand asset package and tools concurrently towards the final launch of a unified toolbox for The Nordics.

The material gathered here can be used by everybody. It is open to the world as long as you respect our guidelines for use.



Branding guidelines

Find the core story of the The Nordics, the Trace Dogma and the actual guidelines for the brand.

Get the branding guidelines

The logo

The Nordics

The logo it self is created from the eight Nordic regions with the star constellations of the Nordic hemisphere in mind.

Get the full logo pack from here

5th element

The Nordics

The 5th element is emphasizing the idea behind traces of north. There are little traces all over and we want to share them to the world.

Get the 5th element from here

Gradient plates

We have created some background gradient plates for you to use in presentations, invitations and social media

Download the plate files here

The Nordics as a brand

A short presentation (.pptx) for you to download. The presentation aims to help explain our core story, traces of North and their relationship to the Nordic perspective.

Download the presentation here


Do you have any feedback from having used the elements or in need of something that is not yet in the toolbox? Do not hesitate to write us. We are in beta and value feedback highly.