The further away from North, the more we become one.

The rest of the world doesn’t distinguish between the Nordic countries, but sees a group of countries characterized by a number of common ideas and values. We should do the same

When we come together as The Nordics, we must abandon ourselves as nations and become part of something bigger.

The Nordics is neither Norwegian fjords, the forests of Sweden, Danish design or Finnish culture. The Nordics is all of them and so much more.

As a mindset, there are traces of The Nordics all over the world.

There may not be a concrete trace from the Åland Islands in Somalia, but there is a Nordic one. Somalia’s first female presidential candidate has spent much of her life in a Nordic country (Finland).

Just like a Dane cheers on the teams with Zlatan, as soon as we move just a little South of the border. There are traces of The Nordics all over the world, and we need your help finding them.

are traces?

A trace can be large or small; it can be a feeling, an idea, a building or a product like the humble zipper, anything that has made its way from The Nordics out into the world.

Located at: -16.489689, -68.119294
Traced from : 55.675246, 12.545893
The Nordics - Bolivia
Traced by: Paul Clements

When Claus Meyer opened Gustu in 2013 and appointed Kamilla Seidler as the head chef, the intention was to start a restaurant where a group of deprived children had the opportunity to get themselves an education either as a waiter or a chef.

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Located at: -1.038757 37.083375 
Traced from : 60.169856 24.938379 
The Nordics - Somalia
Traced by: Martin Gigasari

Fadumo Dayib was one of the first women ever to run for presidency in Somalia. Her upbringing as a refugee in Finland gave her opportunities that she wants to extend to women and girls back home in Somalia.

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Located at: 41°24’12.2”N 2°10’26.5”E
Traced from : 12°73’16.8”N 12°98’21.2”W
The Nordics - United States
Traced by: Frederik Preisler

Volvo patented the first three-point safety belt in 1958 but in the interests of safety, they made the new seat belt design available to other car manufacturers for free. The three-point lap and shoulder seat belt is considered to be one of the most important innovations in automobile safety.

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Car seat belt

What are we
looking for?

What defines Traces of North?

A trace has a geographic anchor in the world outside The Nordics, and can be a big idea that helps a country or small product that helps a single person, size does not matter here. But a trace must have more than just a geographical link; it needs a relationship to the values we all hold dear in The Nordics.

  1. Openness and a belief in everyone’s right to express their opinion
  2. Trust in each other and also, because of proximity to power, trust in leaders in society
  3. New ways of thinking, focusing on creativity and innovation
  4. Sustainable management of the environment and development of natural resources
  5. Compassion, tolerance and conviction the equal value of all people


What we want from you

No one knows Traces of North better than you do in your station, and so the first mission is to collect as many as possible, big or small they all have a story to tell.

Activate you network to help you find traces that link back home to The Nordics.

Now it’s time for you to start sharing your traces with us – simply fill in the form below with your trace idea and add to the pool. You and your representation will be credited for the trace, and don’t worry; all traces will be looked at, evaluated and curated before being added to the site and the coming toolbox.

Share your trace.

In 3 simple steps you can share your trace idea and help create a unified brand for The Nordics.

01. Your information

02. Your trace idea

03. Elaboration

If you have more information regarding your trace, please upload here (jpg, jpeg, gif, png, docx, doc, pdf, pptx, ppt, key - max. 6mb)


This is and we are in beta mode. This means that we release the brand to the world in order for us to learn. The first activation of the brand is “Traces of North” and is an open call for traces from all over the world. We want to learn about the traces you stumble upon, that you find intriguing, fascinating and worth sharing.

Our goal is to show to the world the effect that the Nordic way of thinking has had, and can continue having in the world. From the small trace of a Nordic cafe in Singapore to the larger trace of equal rights in Somalia nurtured on Nordic thinking.

We urge all to contribute and help us improve and tell these important stories from around the world.

The “Traces of North” will eventually be used in a toolbox that will allow anyone to collect ideas, download material in the formats required and make it easy to create local events, promotions, conferences or a press release. The ambition for this is to make it as easy as possible to find relevant content and activate it in your own context.

We will be releasing elements on an on-going basis, so make sure to sign up to our mailing list to get notified on new releases.

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